Umpire Uniforms

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Pants are Gray in color. Pants worn behind the plate must have legs large enough to go over the shinguards. It is best to buy plate pants from one of the vendors. Unless you get "combo" pants, don't wear your plate pants when working the bases. Get another pair of regular slacks for that.


The navy shirt with red/white/blue trim is the primary shirt for umpires. If you don't have any other shirt, get this one. Get one that fits normally for working the bases. Get a larger size that will fit comfortably over your chest protector for working the plate. Other authorized colors are detailed in the ABUA Uniform Policy. Shirts may be short or long sleeved. The default is short sleeves.


Black 1" or 1-1/4" belt. Don't use a regular dress belt. It won't provide the support you need for the ball bag when working the plate. If you buy your base pants from someone other than an officials' supply vendor, then a regular dress belt will be fine with those.

Plate Shoes

These are an absolute neccesity!! "Combo" shoes are available from most vendor that can be used as both plate and base shoes.

Base Shoes

Base shoes should be predominantly black. Some white (logos, etc.) is acceptable. You can get these from a vendor or just about any store that sells shoes.


This is a "fitted" cap. Do NOT use a cap that has an adjustment band in the back. There are several sizes of cap bills, a 4-stitch that is used only with a mask, a 6 stitch "combo" that can be used on the bases or with a mask, and an 8-stitch that is used only on the bases. Navy caps are the standard, but a black cap is required if wearing the black or cream colored shirts. Caps come with various logos (TASO, TCUA, etc.) The TASO logo is required for high school baseball games. A cop with NO LOGO is required for "summer ball" and other games.


Black, Navy, or Blue socks are acceptable. However, most umpires only wear black.


t shirt
T-shirts, turtlenecks, or other undergarments must meet the requirements of the Uniform Policy. If you have only one, get a red one with no logo on front or back. Long-sleeved undergarments are acceptable only if worn under a jacket or long-sleeved shirt.


There are several styles of jackets, but most umpires are now buying the style shown at the left. Make sure it will fit over your chest protector. Most umpires have two sizes of jackets. One for working the plate and another for working the bases.

Ball Bag

ball bag
Get the cloth ball bag style shown to the left. Don't use the one with "loops" that you can buy at some sporting goods stores. Those are fine for youth ball or softball, but not for baseball at this level. Ball bags may be either grey or navy blue. A black ball bag is only used when the crew is wearing the black or cream shirt.