Umpire Equipment

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How to properly care for your Equipment and Uniforms


Get a good quality, lightweight mask. Don't get the heavy steel masks that some stores carry. You will be behind the plate for about two hours and the weight makes a real difference by the end of the game. Check your mask often. If it gets a serious dent, replace it.

Chest Protector

Do NOT use a catcher's chest protector. It does not provide enough protection for an umpire. Get a good quality chest protector from one of the officials' supply vendors, the best you can afford.


Shinguards are worn underneath the pants. There are a variety of types available. Make sure you get a pair that fits. They come in different sizes based upon the type of shoes you wear (regular or hi-top) and the distance from your knee to the instep


An indicator is required for the plate umpire and is normally used by the base umpire as well. There are several types and sizes available. Always carry a spare in your equipment bag. They do break sometimes.

Plate Brush

The plate umpire must keep the plate clean during the game. This brush fits in your ball bag and is used for that purpose.

Groin Protection

groin protectingroin protection
Whether male or female, groin protection when working the plate is an absolute necessity.