Baseball Rules

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a single set of rules for the game of baseball. Major League baseball uses the Offical Baseball Rules (OBR) for their games, as do a great many other leagues, from Little League on up. However, almost all of the leagues that use OBR as a basis for their games, including Major League baseball, have "supplemental" rules that regulate play in their leagues. In addition, there are rules for the game of baseball that are specific to high schools and various college levels. It is imperative that the umpire calling a baseball game know which set of rules, and any "supplemental" rules, are being used for that game.

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National Federation of High Schools


Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools

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Rule Book
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NFHS Interpretations
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TASO Interpretations
   TASO Interpreter 2005 & 2006
TAPPS Rule Book
(TAPPS uses NFHS rules with a few modifications as shown in the TAPPS Rule Book above)

Southwest Preparatory Conference


National Collegiate Athletic Association

SPC uses NFHS rules (see NFHS above)
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Rule Book
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(beginning in 2009, interps are included in the rulebook)

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics


Official Baseball Rules

Used by Major League Baseball, most Youth Leagues (Little League, Pony/Colt, Babe Ruth, Dixie League, etc.), and Adult Leagues

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Rule Book
(Beginning in 2012, NAIA uses the NCAA as the basis or their rules, with modifications as shown in the Rules Changes above. Prior to 2012, NAIA used the OBR as the basis for their rules)
Rule Changes
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Men's Senior Baseball League


Summer League Baseball Rules
(Select, Pony/Colt, etc.)

MSBL Rules

Rule Book
(MSBL/MABL uses the OBR as the basis of their rules, with modifications as shown above)
BCS,   Perfect Game,  World Wood Bat
(Balcones plays under PONY rules, which is basically the OBR with very few modifications)

Pony Rule Book